September 11, 2008

Hello all!

Ever since we reached the airport in Dublin, it’s been a whirlwind ride of new experiences.  When we reached Ireland, it was hard to believe that I packed my bags for a year  and was now on my own (well, with my fellow Holy Cross friends) trying to catch  the bus for Trinity.

From Trinity, our next adventure was on the DART train to go to our cultural  advisor’s house, where we would be staying the first night. She lives in  Sandycove off the coast of the Irish Sea so already I have a few nice pictures.  Our cultural advisor, Silvia, is wonderful! True Irish hospitality: door wide  open with the table set for breakfast (though by the time we arrived it was  more like late brunch). We talked and then set out to take a walk in her quaint  little town. We came back for a great Shepherd’s pie dinner and ice cream and  pudding. Her house is lovely, I took pictures, but they just don’t do it  justice … I loved the little fireplaces in each room!

The next morning we made a mad dash for supplies on our first  full day: cell phones, couple of grocery staples, bedding. Dublin’s more  expensive than we all imagined. Fingers crossed for better exchange rate.

Monday morning was our orientation with the Semester Start  Up Programme. It’s nice, we’ve had our lectures all this week in Irish History,  Art & Architecture, and Literature. It’s about three hours and then we have  activities such as a Trinity campus tour (helpful) and another day we had a two  hour walking tour of Dublin where afterwards our guide went and got fish and chips  with us at the famous place in Dublin which has a list of all the famous people  that have been there.

Funny, everything here to get settled you have to go to one  office, but then get a letter from another office, travel to another office, go  off campus. It’s actually hilarious, but it has made us learn the city pretty  quickly.

Our first night in Dublin we decided to be real touristy and  head up to Temple Bar, the culture, touristy area for a pint at the pub. It was  good time and I’m hoping to become more Irish than some of the Irish, as they  say here.

Friday was a blast because our SSP program took us to see  Oscar Wilde’s "An Ideal Husband." Such a beautiful and historical  theater is The Abbey and the actors, lighting, and costumes were great!

This coming week I’m looking forward to some more trips  along the coast and a visit to The Battle of the Boyne  site.

Cheers (as they say here),



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