October 29, 2008

Wow!  So it’s been a few weeks since my last entry (sorry!) and Dublin is keeping me ever so busy!  And I love it!  To a certain extent, I expected a bit slower pace of life here (not as slow as the West of Ireland- I still love Galway, though) than in the US, but I knew that as an international city, Dublin itself would be quite the bustling city.  That said, I’m so enjoying the opportunities that the city has to offer and everything’s in walking distance!

Last blog, I mentioned our trip to The Abbey Theater.  The following week involved more lectures and field trips that included a two hour drive to Kilkenny to see Kilkenny Castle and Roth House.  The castle was gorgeous!  What’s famous in Kilkenny besides the pride that I saw they had for their sports team is the “Kilkenny marble.”  It’s not really marble but the way its polished makes it look like marble and thus it was exported certain places back in the day.

That second Friday, us SSP kids organized a trip to the opera at the Gaiety Theater.  It was a French Opera “Samson and Delilah.”  All we had to do was simply walk up Grafton Street near St. Stephen’s Green and we were there.  Being a fan of the arts, I love that theater, film, and music events are so easily accessible and affordable as our tickets were only 12.50 euro.

The following week we visited the Dail, which is the Irish Parliament.  We sat in the The Dail Chamber, originally the lecture theater of the Royal Dublin Society and had a tour afterwards.  Once again, it was a beautiful building and we walked the same steps of government officials and saw the door where our own government officials walked through.

With SSP coming to an end, that last week we enjoyed a Literary Pub Crawl starting at The Duke Pub.  It was then time for some relaxation with a few days to start before the famous “Freshers Week” we’d been hearing about.  So, a few friends and I took the opportunity and traveled to Prague for the weekend.  It is a beautiful city.  I leave you with that much today as well as some pictures and will talk about Prague in the next blog.


DSC00304 DSC00408

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