November 4, 2008

From the moment we arrived here in Ireland, a popular initial question (in addition to where are you from in the States?) was: "How do you feel about the election?"  There is not a day that goes by that we don't hear about it from the people, it's often in papers here, and there is a huge Obama support.  Often times, when speaking with the locals, this has been said: "We look to you in America.  Where you go, we will follow."  It was great to hear and I was actually surprised.  I think the Irish will be happy here this morning to hear about Obama  because that's the candidate anyone and everyone mentioned here.  As we lack a TV in my apartment, we were tracking on the Internet and wound up at at friend's place who had a TV and watched bit.  I got my absentee ballot late, so I voted via the FWAB.  Its funny, I feel so connected, yet at the same time not connected to this election.  I am excited for a new President, but it almost doesn't feel real because we are not home.

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