November 18, 2008

For those of you who despise, fear, or are anxious upon hearing the mention of STAR in relation to course selection time — DON’T!  Things are much different here at Trinity and I found that out the first week of October after my return from Prague.  Unlike STAR, where classes, lecturers, course locations and course times are all neatly and efficiently organized in one or two places (i.e. the course handbook- which says DO NOT LOSE – or secondly, the INTERNET) well, here at Trinity, you have to venture to each individual department, locate their announcements board and pray that there is some type of schedule up so you can figure out some type of course arrangement for yourself.  And its not schedule here – it’s called your timetable.  Needless to say, one of the first things I miss about Holy Cross is the convenience and STAR…haha.  So that first week of October included a lot of exercise, running around to each department, climbing stairs (thanks Holy Cross campus for preparing me for that!), and speaking with forgetful secretaries.  An example of a few of the departments I ventured to: zoology, neuroscience, French, religions & theology, philosophy, botany, and sociology, maybe more but anyway, you get the point.  And there were several visits to each department- so good to know I was getting fit during this process.  But even with a potential, fill-in-the-blank schedule, (sorry timetable!), these courses were still not definite and so the first week of classes was a bit more hectic than usual- there was some good and some not so good.  Promise to catch you up later this week.


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