February 15, 2009

My brother arrives this morning!  I thought he would want a nap, but he was eager to be on the move and once again enjoy being in Ireland. Lucky for us, the Ireland vs. Italy rugby match was on and we met up with my brother’s old friends taking the Luas into Beechwood. It was a great afternoon, watching the match in their favorite pub.

The next day, I showed my brother all my favorite spots in Dublin as well as the important landmarks.  I pointed out the Book of Kells and the Old Library and we walked along Henry Street and of course Grafton. We ended the day in another favorite pub, The Ginger Man, (near Trinity) where we met up with Holy Cross friends.

Another day we strolled St. Stephen’s Green.

Another fun trip- CORK! We spent 2 days in Cork and visited friends at UCC. There were a couple of music events on as well and we went to see Charlie Paar, a bluegrass musician from Minnesota, in a pub called Crane Lane. Charlie Paar would also be playing in Dublin.

Back in Dublin on Thursday, we meet up with friends and showed my brother the Pav, Porter House, and Trinity favorite Doyles.

Friday we went to a concert on the North Side in a place called Twisted Pepper.  A different style of music- dubstep- but overall, I really liked it.

Saturday we watched some matches and Sunday was a visit to Howth.  Still love it there!  It was a sunny day and about 11 seals were swimming around in the harbor waiting for someone to throw them some fish.

Monday we took the Luas over to the big shopping center in Dundrum to look for the Irish rugby jersey worn in the 6 Nations matches that are on now.  It was funny to go to this “mall” because it definitely reminded me of the big shopping malls in the states and even more so of the New Jersey malls back home.  After some shopping for friends and family we took a break in Avoca café back in city centre and met with friends for dinner.

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