Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Our last full day in Nice, so we decided to take one last day trip that was suggested to us and this was by far one of my favorite places- Eze. Eze Village is an old fortified medieval village that looks over the Mediterranean and the castle ruins (which aren’t really ‘ruined’ at all) are from about 12th century. Also built into the side of this castle/cliff are Exotic Gardens which were truly breathtaking. We climbed up windy stairways in between the beautiful plants and statues and came across a little patio that was a perfect place to rest our feet and see everything that was around us- truly magnificent. And although the sun was shining, the weather very suddenly turned and it was quite interesting to see the affect of the winds and the rain on this castle on the cliff. We decided to take cover in a perfume factory and after a couple of hours of trying different scents, we all came out with new perfumes and learned a lot about the whole process too! We were exhausted from our excursion but it was our last night so we found a nice place for dinner and followed it with an opera! We had been strolling around earlier and saw that we could get student rate tickets to see Lakmé for 5 euro at the Nice opera house! It was a beautiful opera and a really great experience; however, I also learned something very important. Our tickets read ‘placement libre’ which in my head I translated as ‘free/open seating’ but we learned the hard way that it meant ‘free standing.’ So while I did enjoy the opera, it wasn’t too comfy standing in my heels and dress, still, it was an experience. This really was a great trip, but as usual we were ready to go back home to Dublin. Thinking about the opera again, I compared it with the opera I saw in Dublin at the Gaiety theater, I enjoyed both, maybe Lakmé a bit more; yet, I still feel so fortunate to be blessed with so many opportunities.



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