Sunday, April 26th, 2009

dsc02596Great afternoon and evening today! Four of us girls headed out to Sandycove, where Silvia lives, to take a stroll and visit the Joyce Tower before dinner with Silvia. A small little tower, but with a great view. We saw pictures of James Joyce and his family and read a little bit about his few days stay there with former friend Oliver St. John Gogarty; it was a bit of a small space so I can see why Joyce left after 4 or 5 days. After our visit we walked down to Silvia’s and played some ping-pong before it rained. No worries though, it was a great time and Silvia really treated us to a gorgeous dinner. It was nice to catch up with Silvia and the rest of our gang. It seemed a very different gathering now as well because we spoke of the things we love here in Dublin and how accustomed we have gotten to Trinity and life here. Already, some of us are starting to miss Ireland. dsc02598

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