Trinity Ball! Friday, May 8th, 2009

TRINITY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So its really here and you can tell how excited everyone is. We started our morning collecting our tickets for the Ball and relaxed for the afternoon before getting all decked out. It was great because you could hear the sound checks going on, all of Trinity was closed for set up, and soon enough it was time for us all to get ready. (Yesterday, I took some photos of what the tents looked like during the day, so I coud see if I recognized them at night…haha).dsc02734dsc02760


Everyone looked so gorgeous- all the guys in their tuxes, the girls in their dresses, it was a little chilly outside, but we were too busy taking pictures.


So, how was the Ball? Amazing. It started at 10pm, it had 5 stages with different bands playing- a couple of favorites were The Script, Ladyhawke, and Fight Like Apes, Calvin Harris. We got into the Ball around 11ish and we left at 5am. The last bands were only starting up at 4am. It was truly a great experience to bounce around from stage to stage with friends and dance.


Really, there’s no words to describe how wonderful a night/event/ extravaganza it is. I was speechless, Trinity looked great with all the lights, thousands of people, it was so fun. I can now understand why my Irish friends were so pumped and why they say it’s the largest and greatest private European party.


All I can really say is that it was fantastic. I was with my friends, listening to great music, dancing, and got to really enjoy the whole night. Walking home with my roommate at 5am listening to the morning birds chirp was hilarious. Really Trinity Ball is hard to describe; it is just a fantastic experience!


dsc02793  dsc02802

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