Monday, June 1st, 2009

Had a great last weekend in Dublin- bittersweet though. Thursday night I spent time with my Neuroscience classmates, they are really an awesome bunch and I was so happy to celebrate the end of exams with them on what would be my last ‘class night out’ with them. Friday we spent more time at the Pav before going to a favorite spot called the Palace. And this weekend I began the packing process and in between went down to Sandycove to say goodbye to Silvia and drop some stuff off for next year’s group. It’s funny to learn how much stuff you can acquire in a year while abroad, my room didn’t seem too full, but my suitcases were definitely starting to fill up. Being that it’s a Bank Holiday today, I was able to relax with friends and enjoy the glorious sun we’ve been having. I am happy to be able to tell everyone back home that my last five days in Ireland were filled with sun and many of us even got a little sunburn!

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