Monday, May 25th, 2009

Two exams in one day! Given my schedule of Neuroscience combined with French, I was bound to have an exam clash and with this clash came a hilarious day of exams. My morning started out with a Neuroscience exam and then once I finished I was ‘babysat’ by an invigilator (what we call ‘exam proctors’) who would take me to my afternoon exam. Okay, so the day wasn’t hilarious but I thought it was funny that given this clash, my name wasn’t on the exam seating list, meaning my invigilator and I had to run up and down looking for the head invigilator so I could just take my exam. I was happy to have finished my second exam and to leave the exam venue which used to be a gym, so yea, it smelled like fish and a shoebox- maybe that’s hilarious.

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