Thursday, June 11th, 2009

So, I started this blog on the 11th in the Fall, so I thought it fitting to end it on the 11th in the Spring. What’s happened?


June 3rd– It was more real to me on the plane that I was indeed going home, but I still felt as if I was just going on another trip. My parents were waiting for me and my roommate came along to surprise me too! It was a bit of sensory overload as more friends came and visited- I definitely would not have had it any other way, I was so happy to see everyone, but it was weird because in my mind I felt I was still in Ireland, on Ireland time? I’m still figuring that one out…haha.


June 4th– I woke up, way early- ah, so this is jetlag- thinking about when I should greet my friends in the apartment across the courtyard and then remembered that I was home; I felt at that moment how quickly the year goes and couldn’t believe that I was home already.


My weekend was filled with more visits from family and friends, which was wonderful and hard at the same time because the answer to the question “How was Ireland?” is never an easy one. You either want to tell everything or you have to keep it short and sweet. I found the latter is better (I can always show the family the pictures later).

I was very busy this first week back in the States, which in a way was good because it forced me not to be ‘homesick for Dublin.’ But today, I do miss Dublin. And I think that’s great. I certainly immersed myself within the culture, I look for certain things here in the States that remind me of Dublin, I’ve been told that I’ve been comparing Dublin with the States (i.e.- well, in Dublin we do… or in Ireland the way it works…). I say ‘cheers’ instead of ‘thanks’ still and add the occasional ‘like’ at the ends of my sentences and a personal favorite phrase picked up- ‘no worries.’ I will miss being able to walk everywhere, I will miss the rain (I still argue that rain in Ireland is very different from the rain we get here- insert your laugh here) and I will miss my friends. I can honestly say that studying abroad in Dublin was one of the best experiences of my life, I will always reflect on it and be thankful. When I miss Ireland on days like today, I find myself checking Irish news, music, and sports (I am in love with the band The Script and yes, who doesn’t love Rugby?).


I know I will be going back to Dublin, I just don’t know when.

I am very excited, though, to share my abroad experiences with my fellow classmates who were also studying abroad. So goodbye for now Ireland and hello again Holy Cross!




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