Saturday, March 21st, 2009

We were ready to explore this morning and we started by visiting Monaco and Monte Carlo. It was a magnificent scenic ride along the coast, where we just continued to scale up the cliffs until finally reaching this posh little square of Monaco, right below the Palace of Monaco that overlooks the sea. We climbed the steps that led to the square in front of the palace, quite impressive. Finding some gelato we continued to walk through the little shops and streets surrounding the palace that make up this fortress. We then visited Saint Nicholas Cathedral, also known as Monaco Cathedral, where Grace Kelly was married. Standing on the front steps of the cathedral, which look out onto the sea, was incredible and one can only imagine what a beautiful wedding it must have been (After the Casino, we actually went to Mass here, it was so nice to listen to a Mass in French and maybe a little penance for going to the Casino that day? haha). We walked down from the palace all the way to the port of Monaco, Monte Carlo, had some lunch and then walked to Monte Carlo Casino. It was quite amusing to be walking around the playground of the rich and famous, three students trying to point out which house was Elton John’s or Bono’s, but it was an experience. We saw the famous Monte Carlo Casino, Hôtel de Paris, and the Café, while also spotting some amazing cars which had the drivers’ side either on the left or the right, but I guess its Monte Carlo, so anything’s game. We had a nice quiet bus ride looking at the coast and the sunset that day too.


2 Responses to “Saturday, March 21st, 2009”

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